Keep hydrated (especially since we are living in the tropics) each day. Not only will you feel better, you will reduce dark rings forming under your eyes and help your skin glow.
Have a good skin and lip moisturising routine, if you don't get started!
If you are having your hair cut it's best to allow 3-5 days before the shoot so it settles.
Narrow down your wardrobe selection with items that suit your body type and select colours that compliment your complexion. Allow time to clean clothing and ensure it is in good condition and is a correct fit for your shape and size.
Social media can be a great place to look for inspiration on styling as well as posing but don't not only look at it, try it, practice and learn your best angles in the mirror.
Don't stop that water consumption and moisturising routine!

Avoid tight clothing or underwear as it will leave marks on your skin and be noticeable in your photos. Also remove sunglasses prior to the shoot to avoid marks on the bridge of your nose.
Bring a positive can-do attitude which will not only show in the images but give you a great sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. Project your energy, don't be afraid to be yourself, be silly, be happy, no one is judging. 
Hair & Make Up
Don't overdo your make up, you only need to enhance your look, don't use the Homer Simpson makeup gun. If you have good skin, minimal or no foundation along with your eyes and lips done is all you need. 
However if a creative or glam look is the objective of the shoot then the above doesn't apply to the extent of keeping things basic however it still means makeup should not be over applied.
Wardrobe Advice
Bring along a range of different outfits from which you can mix and match different looks. Remember we may be shooting full length also so don't forget footwear. A good set of heels can help to elongate your figure, even if they are not within the frame!
Avoid loose clothing that hides your figure, horizontal strips, logos or loud patterns. Wear outfits that compliment your figure and clothing that reveals your best features.

Accessories like hats and small handbags can be for props and help in posing by giving your hands something to do.

Keep jewelry simple and suited to your outfit. It can add a nice touch to finishing your look and breaking up bare necklines.
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