With bags strewn in every corner of a small room in Discovery I raised my camera and there was a shriek from Ashley “Oh no!” while covering her face with a makeup palette.
She’s halfway through putting her makeup on; a girl's worst fear of being caught on camera without makeup. Head showgirl Hayley ‘Champagne’ Williams pipes up “c’mon girls”.
Photographer Michael Franchi joined the showgirls on their last show of the Northern Territory tour, taking a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a showgirl, from the mad rush backstage to the energetic performances on stage.
Kristy Lee Price and the Champagne Showgirls getting ready backstage before their last show of the tour at Discovery night club.
Kristy Lee Price applying the final touches
Bambi Lefist sharing the mirror backstage with Kristy
Ashley Elliott assisting Gigi Harper with her outfit backstage
Ashley Elliott warms up backstage before heading on stage
Hayley 'Champagne' Williams performing with delicate precision during aerials and pole dancing (above), before and after (below).
Gigi Harper pouring paint on Ashley Elliott on stage during one of their duo routines (above), before and after (below).
Gigi and Ashley performing aerials together (top left). Kristy Lee Price, master of the pole on stage (top right), before and after (below). 
All lights focused on Gigi Harper centre stage (above), before and after (below). 

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